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safe (1429814)artist:jeatz-axl (477)pinkie pie (189133)amending fences (1025)absurd resolution (61365)floating (2959)looking down (5385)pinkie being pinkie (829)pinkiecopter (64)pinkie physics (322)raised hoof (32100)raised tail (11630)simple background (290990)solo (876355)tail (14776)tailcopter (65)transparent background (151940)vector (66635)


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Background Pony #7F59
Give Pinkie some heart eyes and bedroom eyes and add Wander to this photo,
and you got yourself a deal.
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Stopped caring
“This is Pinkie Pie with Pinkie in the Sky, we’ve got big problems on the Canterlot Memorial Bridge, people, traffic going way back in both directions. And look out at the corner of Fourteenth and Elm, cause I just dropped my bagel.”
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