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safe1970855 artist:atryl2065 apple bloom56343 applejack187744 fluttershy238094 pinkie pie238530 rainbow dash259248 rarity203095 scootaloo55470 sweetie belle53435 twilight sparkle332818 earth pony361101 pegasus406298 pony1322524 unicorn446032 bow38124 cutie mark crusaders20895 eyes closed120619 faint455 female1602478 filly84691 hair bow21460 hat108877 mane six35338 mare617907 nightmare night5606 open mouth197604 pumpkin5953 scarecrow296 scared12622


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Later that evening at the CMC Clubhouse
Applejack busts in.
Applejack:You varmits think yer funny? Well let me tell you something that’s not funny! Twilight Sparkle’s in her library crying like a little filly!
CMC:(Laughing even harder)
Applejack:Well, I guess that’s a little funny.