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I had this idea stuck in my head for quite a while. I used various color palettes of the actual generation 1 ponies, but I left the mane styles and body shapes the same. Hope you like it.Please, download for a better quality.MLP: FiM © Hasbro, DHX media, Lauren FaustBackground © BlanishnaArt & idea © me
safe (1376213)artist:slim-shady (19)applejack (142464)applejack (g1) (552)firefly (1669)fluttershy (177405)pinkie pie (182722)posey (623)rainbow dash (197233)rarity (151581)sparkler (g1) (260)surprise (2759)twilight sparkle (250677)twilight velvet (3243)alicorn (152837)character to character (335)earth pony (133841)g1 (13042)g1 to g4 (3487)generation leap (5076)golden oaks library (3733)mane six (25035)pegasus (172547)pony (649178)race swap (10171)recolor (3590)spell gone wrong (232)transformation (7496)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96796)unicorn (184385)


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