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safe (1147190)artist:andypriceart (2162)applejack (122369)fluttershy (153518)pinkie pie (158990)rainbow dash (171433)rarity (129857)twilight sparkle (214214)spoiler:comic (7224)alicorn (107674)apple (9908)applebat (103)bat pony (23827)bela lugosi (3)count orlok (10)dracula (149)flutterbat (5183)food (33168)idw (10586)interview with a vampire (5)lestat de lioncourt (5)mane six (21128)nosferatu (15)pinkiebat (119)pony (428442)race swap (7898)rainbowbat (98)raribat (96)the lost boys (8)the vampire chronicles (1)twibat (86)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (76309)vampire (1969)vampirella (21)


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each one is a classic vampire. Applejack is Bela Lugosi, Rarity as Vamprilla, Rainbow Dash, as you noted, is from Lost Boys, Twilight is the Vampire Lestat, Pinky is the classic Nosferatu, and Fluttershy as Barnabas Collins from the TV show Dark Shadows.
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