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The hardest thing about this damn comic was coming up with the damn title. .
suggestive (111307)artist:ladyanidraws (399)applejack (145788)big macintosh (24787)fluttershy (181654)rainbow dash (201433)shining armor (19840)spike (67064)starlight glimmer (37064)sunburst (4574)twilight sparkle (256775)zephyr breeze (1725)absurd res (60975)alicorn (159143)blood (19392)changeling (31508)comic (87848)dragon (36016)dungeons and dragons (1010)final fantasy (1214)final fantasy xv (34)fluttershipper (25)gay (22350)infidelity (4298)innuendo (903)ladyboner (36)male (251733)nosebleed (1922)ogres and oubliettes (237)pony (674346)scrunchy face (6252)shiningmac (229)shipper on deck (1299)shipping (161512)spread wings (40156)squee (1776)starlight shipper (9)sunglasses (11244)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (99924)twilight the shipper (59)wingboner (7201)yaoi fangirl (35)zephyrburst (4)


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