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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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The hardest thing about this damn comic was coming up with the damn title. .
suggestive129078 artist:ladyanidraws441 applejack159859 big macintosh26976 fluttershy199217 rainbow dash220561 shining armor21894 spike75209 starlight glimmer44243 sunburst5892 twilight sparkle284331 zephyr breeze2109 alicorn197462 changeling40677 dragon48743 pony853105 absurd resolution64067 blood22725 comic102107 dungeons and dragons1197 final fantasy1307 final fantasy xv36 fluttershipper25 gay25483 infidelity5406 innuendo1296 ladyboner37 male308476 nosebleed2178 ogres and oubliettes275 scrunchy face6821 shiningmac249 shipper on deck1401 shipping185167 spread wings48252 squee1930 starlight shipper10 sunglasses13110 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115933 twilight the shipper64 wingboner7813 yaoi fangirl35 zephyrburst6


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Background Pony #CFB0
Oh hey, Starlight’s the only one here who isn’t being turned on by a relative.