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we can only dream of being this happy! Colored version of post:>>1284612


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safe1708267 artist:ficficponyfic2696 artist:hipsanon224 color edit7662 edit132706 oc685782 oc only449387 oc:emerald jewel1637 earth pony249431 pony969394 colt quest2490 bandana5339 bibliophile124 blank flank7590 blushing197951 book33512 child1978 color1684 colored19484 colt14932 cute200094 eyes closed93735 femboy9149 foal15437 hair over one eye9039 heart48432 hnnng2432 male373353 nerdgasm42 smiling249002 solo1065488 star burst25 weapons-grade cute3697


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