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Colt Quest Hearts And Hooves Day: Emerald Jewel



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suggestive143258 artist:ficficponyfic2696 edit132769 edited edit2573 oc686194 oc only449617 oc:emerald jewel1637 earth pony249684 pony970090 colt quest2490 amulet1325 child1978 color1684 colt14943 cute200190 femboy9158 foal15441 grin38643 hair over one eye9042 heart48469 hearts and hooves day2157 male373584 nervous5704 nervous grin1089 smiling249198 solo1065925 solo male26363 sweat26418 trap4461 valentine1399 valentine's day3588 worried3932


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Background Pony #662A
I like to think he's very capable of being a switch, in the right circumstances.

But mostly cause i'd love for him to cum inside of me.