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"I was a wimp before Anchor Arms!" Emerald Buff Horse.



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safe1706856 artist:ficficponyfic2696 color edit7663 edit132544 edited edit2573 oc684922 oc only448944 oc:emerald jewel1636 earth pony248920 pony968043 colt quest2488 bandana5339 child1976 color1684 colored19477 colt14921 cute199850 femboy9136 foal15425 growth5692 hair over one eye9025 male372848 misleading thumbnail1094 muscle expansion343 muscles12303 not a penis85 smiling248595 solo1064521


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Background Pony #DEAA
A hoof? Ah. That is… not what the image is from a first glance, especially given the context of this comic.