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So, recently we had an announcement of a BRAND NEW CHARACTER IN MY LITTLE PONY MOVIE: Capper The Cat!! I personally think many fans will lov him!! Hes a furry and hes sexy. So this pic shovs how I imagen the ending of the move. so, when all hoep is lost and ponyz are powerles against the storm kink capper appears at the last moment and releases THE TRUE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!!!!! AND HE BECOMES AN ALICORN CAT PRINCESS!!!! AND HE BECOMES SUPER STRONG THE STRONGEST CREATURE IN EQSAUETRIA AND HE RIPS ALL STROM KINK’S LIMBS AND BEATS HIM INTO A BLOODY FUCKIN PULP!!! Then Twilit and frends realise how much they lov him. Luckili enough, Capet has SEVEN DICKS!!!!!!! Yes that’s my head cannon I mean we haven’t really seen his lower half so why not????? and I don’t give A DAMN IF YOU DISLIKE IT GO KYS YOUSELF! I’m tellin you Capper’s gonna have all of the mane 7 like a true alpha furrey cat.
P.S. It seems that I’m actually the first one to draw Capper alongside all of Mane Six at once. NOIC
explicit (282123)applejack (147683)capper dapperpaws (1284)fluttershy (184023)pinkie pie (188918)rainbow dash (203754)rarity (157510)starlight glimmer (37962)storm king (959)twilight sparkle (260233)alicorn (163285)cat (4421)earth pony (147935)pegasus (187739)pony (697191)unicorn (202894)my little pony: the movie (16488)1000 hours in ms paint (4339)abomination (560)alternate hairstyle (21264)atomic nuclear cock master (1)background pony strikes again (1134)balls (57925)big balls (5863)blood (19615)blowjob (25578)capperdash (2)capper gets all the moray eels (1)capperglimmer (1)capperity (103)capperjack (4)capperlight (16)capperpie (2)cappershy (3)dicks everywhere (805)dickworms (1)downvote bait (905)female (759132)furry (3581)impossibly large balls (4970)male (257695)mane six (26426)meme (73411)ms paint (5672)multidick (760)not salmon (2010)nudity (294490)oral (39287)penis (121521)poe's law (74)quality (1130)sex (93812)shipping (164316)simple background (290483)straight (109396)stylistic suck (1025)sweet jesus (6)waifu thief (623)wall of tags (1775)wat (17567)what has science done (1515)white background (72085)wtf (1866)

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