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safe (1410886)artist:foldeath (196)artist:pencils (941)fluttershy (181862)limestone pie (4285)maud pie (10954)pinkie pie (187061)princess celestia (82700)princess luna (87207)rainbow dash (201654)twilight sparkle (257093)oc (516994)oc:anon (10471)oc:mascara maroon (131)oc:sky shatter (22)comic:anon's pie adventure (476)alicorn (159450)angry (19578)angry horse noises (46)armor (18442)clothes (349784)coat (1977)comic (88015)cross-popping veins (1068)crown (10347)descriptive noise (1192)dialogue (49340)dock (37231)dress (34452)earth pony (142929)eyeshadow (10159)female (744528)grawlixes (204)horse noises (494)horseshoes (1834)human (129142)human male (5539)jewelry (37722)makeup (13673)male (252316)mare (326239)meme (72893)necklace (11951)pegasus (182704)pony (676147)regalia (11727)satyr (4607)scrunchy face (6254)shirt (16792)sitting (45277)speech bubble (16142)stallion (70978)tanktop (5781)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100074)vulgar (17851)whispering (190)yelling (2450)


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I was thinking more Saitama levels, seeing as how Anon’s power appears seemingly unlimited and he hasn’t really shown any Superman-like abilities that Saitama can’t do as well.
Heck, Anon even looks like Saitama when the latter’s being serious.
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Comments53 comments posted