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safe1587446 artist:foldeath199 artist:pencils1248 fluttershy199848 limestone pie4638 maud pie11794 pinkie pie204497 princess celestia89845 princess luna94256 rainbow dash221032 twilight sparkle283959 oc609802 oc:anon11080 oc:mascara maroon146 oc:sky shatter25 alicorn199787 earth pony206154 human144499 pegasus247682 pony857575 satyr4769 comic:anon's pie adventure485 angry24412 angry horse noises52 armor21871 censored vulgarity400 clothes415170 coat2518 comic101478 cross-popping veins1393 crown14575 descriptive noise1355 dialogue59651 dock44454 dress40189 eyeshadow13526 female1227882 grawlixes280 horse noises549 horseshoes2032 human male6320 jewelry53144 makeup18340 male331058 mare427394 meme79032 necklace15868 regalia16972 scrunchy face6773 shirt21718 sitting55911 speech bubble20580 stallion94485 tanktop6925 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116288 vulgar19409 whispering234 yelling2824


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Lurking Changeling
I was thinking more Saitama levels, seeing as how Anon's power appears seemingly unlimited and he hasn't really shown any Superman-like abilities that Saitama can't do as well.
Heck, Anon even looks like Saitama when the latter's being serious.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Let's be honest though, they're backed by some of the strongest ponies in all of Equestria and a human who has Superman-level strength. Kidnappings are really more of a nuisance than an emergency.
Background Pony #55F1
Pink horse seems awfully comfortable with her mother & sister being taken by pony eating minotaurs.