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safe (998736)applejack (109632)capper (183)captain celaeno (156)fluttershy (136595)pinkie pie (141913)princess skystar (171)queen novo (122)rainbow dash (153420)rarity (114918)spike (47485)storm king (143)tempest shadow (491)twilight sparkle (187890)my little pony: the movie (2496)spoiler:my little pony movie (2481)alicorn (81527)armor (9957)broken horn (1513)cat (2392)character reveal (25)clothes (205452)coat (896)colored pupils (4109)ear piercing (5538)earring (6430)hat (25297)jewelry (11923)mane seven (3001)mane six (18354)mlp movie cast icons (15)piercing (12847)pony (313804)scar (2710)seapony (g4) (358)shoes (6712)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (63005)voice actor (384)with their characters (14)
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