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safe1751161 artist:rodrigues404328 princess cadance33157 princess celestia96780 princess luna100803 twilight sparkle306235 alicorn232967 pony1011174 alicorn tetrarchy1086 book34544 cewestia1805 chibi14840 crossed hooves2009 cute205768 cutedance1289 cutelestia3671 female1402431 filly69668 filly celestia361 filly luna366 freckles30135 hnnng2479 looking at you175780 lunabetes3638 open mouth154527 prone26360 raised hoof48459 smiling261177 twiabetes12274 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126216 weapons-grade cute3763 woona5104 younger17765


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Background Pony #C9E8
the princess a use a age spell for fun and be take a picture of thier self! is twilight who got this idea! the 3 other a think for moment and say yes!