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Overwatch or TF2
Wh's the better ?
safe1600440 artist:avastindy76 applejack161293 big macintosh26890 derpy hooves48418 fluttershy201377 pinkie pie205961 rainbow dash222463 rarity172452 sonata dusk12756 spike75087 sunset shimmer58274 twilight sparkle286105 zecora8877 equestria girls185284 crossover58750 d.va180 democora27 demoman468 dispenser70 engiejack138 engineer821 heavy660 heavy weapons guy383 jesse mccree98 logo3361 male338527 mane six30127 mccreejack44 medic1099 mei83 mercy303 overwatch1505 pharah51 pinkie pyro154 pyro700 rainbow scout206 rarispy204 scout1043 sentry gun49 shimmercy8 sniper1115 soldier1713 spy1113 team fortress 25372 twilight sniper196


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #3476
This is a good work of art, plus it brings out the topic between the two games…
Which would you choose?
Me, personally, I would go with TF2 since I'm more familiar with it.
Marvelous TK

as a ponification project? overwatch by a wide margin. people are much more experimental and willing to disagree with which character compares to which. almost no one goes outside the lines with the tf2 ponies, and they don't get nearly as much attention as the mainstream version when they do. overwatch forever.