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Original concept sketch for 2017 birthday art for Spindles.
Final version: >>1356459
suggestive162147 artist:king-kakapo1254 fluttershy229467 pinkie pie231241 human181631 bell5171 bell collar2691 bikini21030 breasts319133 bucket2654 busty fluttershy19612 busty pinkie pie12143 clothes525499 collar38417 cow girl407 cow swimsuit30 cowbell1202 cowkini232 cowprint1350 duo93320 duo female15817 fake ears280 fake horn955 feet45922 female1517100 females only14347 fluttercow173 fluttermilk47 headband3883 humanized106310 implied milking60 light skin4849 milk5537 milk bottle144 pincow pie164 sketch69384 socks76127 spindles' birthday123 stockings38695 string bikini836 swimsuit32747 thigh highs43942


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