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I felt like drawing something random, so I drew Snownyx.
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@Phantom Rider
I’m not sure if it actually happens, but I’m pretty sure it’s an automatic reaction for a blind person to "look" at a person by figuring out [approximately] where they are or their face is from echolocation.
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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
This is actually fine, because at least these two are exploring what’s hot or not for them at such a young age
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They DO look veery happy about that.
Maaan, feels like it was a part of some bigger comic – something like Ozy and Millie, or Calvin and Hobbes, that kinda thing
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Phantom Rider
You are already booped.
Lol. She looks very, very happy about it.

Bless you for not having Snowy look directly at Nyx; it’s a rare artist who really gets the whole "’blind’ means you can’t see things" thing.
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