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Newborn Luna was about to be bathed when she knocked over jar of ink and it got all over her, Celestia feeling like the most horrible sister felt like she didn't do a proper job watching over her while her mother quickly went to get a cloth. So Celestia removed her sisters diaper and began to bathe her sister all the ink blots washed off but one. Celestia panicked, not ever having seen Luna's birth mark because Luna had just born! Mother quickly corrected Celestia telling her that she was born with the inky looking birth mark!
safe1675744 artist:darkest-lunar-flower405 princess celestia93773 princess luna97911 oc665595 alicorn218570 pony938507 absurd resolution65444 baby10257 baby luna43 baby pony6462 bathing961 birth mark8 bubble5006 cewestia1786 crying42626 cute195243 female1335824 filly64797 filly celestia346 filly luna336 infant75 ink1312 lunabetes3485 nervous5553 newborn470 panicking270 pink-mane celestia2533 scrubbing72 water12741 woona5046 younger16976


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Be careful Celestia. If you scrub too hard, you might rub Luna's delicate skin raw. She is a newborn baby you know. If you rub her skin raw, she'll cry in pain, raw skin can HURT.