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Follow up to this

And c’mon, Twily. Shining Armor’s not as bad as Phasma: at least he tries to puts up a fight.
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@Background Pony #FE1C
You know what’s funny, is I went in blind without having seen any real advertising or teasers or anything like that for this movie. I honestly thought that Phasma was supposed to be this total bumbling incompetent coward of an officer who somehow obtained a high rank and like threw her weight around and such, and ultimately got her comeuppance in the end. Like, you have no idea how surprised I was to find out she was supposed to be a bad ass, like you have no idea.

Also I only jokingly ship this due to a comment a buddy of mine made (context is in the description) and I ultimately drew it as a get well soon gift for him.

Gotta have some fun with the tags now and again, right? :P

I still think Boba Fett is worlds above her just because though he did little, what he did do was track Han Solo to Cloud City, and is the direct reason why Han gets captured, why Luke looses his hand and learns the truth about Vader, and why Lando Calrissian joins the Rebellion and ultimately goes on to become instrumental in taking down the 2nd Death Star. Heck of a lot better than "gets two lines and completely pusses out when captured".

I will say this about Phasma: I like the actress playing her (Though her claim of playing the first female Star Wars villain is pretty laughably inaccurate), so I’ve not written off the character or anything and am silently hoping she gets to be cool in 8. Though I gotta admit I’d be more satisfied at this point if she died on Starkiller Base and FN-2199 somehow came back instead. He’s the one with the bad-ass moment and the legit past with Finn:

I gotta be honest too, I would have adored Phasma if when Finn threatened to blow her head off if she didn’t lower the shield and her reply had been "Don’t miss." Like, don’t have her die, but damn that would have been bad ass.

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