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safe (1058361)artist:threetwotwo32232 (269)applejack (114844)fluttershy (143275)pinkie pie (149519)rainbow dash (160991)rarity (121483)spike (49796)starlight glimmer (19516)trixie (40786)twilight sparkle (198956)alicorn (91739)black and white (5270)blatant lies (612)chick tract (20)dialogue (27267)eyes closed (38735)food (27573)grayscale (17838)hair over one eye (4253)hawaiian pizza (6)jack chick (23)jesus christ (191)lidded eyes (7569)mane seven (3288)mane six (19578)meme (57886)monochrome (104531)most people rejected his message (17)open mouth (56843)pineapple on pizza (4)pineapple pizza (11)pixel art (5303)pizza (917)pony (365040)religion (442)tongue out (44645)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (68589)


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