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safe1706358 artist:1jaz156 twilight sparkle300330 alicorn224426 pony967519 beautiful5572 crown16932 element of magic2266 empress108 ethereal mane7962 female1363061 filigree2 floating3963 jewelry63648 jewelry porn2 lantern1606 mare480545 night26350 raised hoof45642 regalia19920 scenery8035 scenery porn845 signature24777 snow13781 solo1064203 starry mane4173 starry night699 starry tail73 stars15613 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123663 wing fluff1627 winter4461


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orion parish
Artist -

It is the 41st millenium. For more than a hundred centuries the Empress has sat on the Golden Throne of Equus. She is master of the universe by the will of the gods and master of a billion worlds by the might of her inexhaustible armies.

Mighty fleets cross the twisted miasma of the warp, the only route between distant stars, their way lit by the Harmonic Beacon, the psychic manifestation of the Empress's will. All are welcome in the Imperium. Lost colonies founded in the heyday of the High Dark Age. Xenos who see the good in cooraporation, and synthetic alike.

None know the Empress's truen name, for she never speaks of it. For even the Empress, her true name is long forgotten. Some say she was a ruler of old Equus, before the long dark of Old Night settled on the known universe. Some who look back that far, say the pony who would become the Empress arose from the Crystal Ruins and battered the techno-barnarian tribes of Equus under her rule before turning her gaze outward.