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Commission for melonfrost

This poner is kinda cute.
safe (1355467)artist:captainpudgemuffin (628)oc (491848)oc:melon frost (193)oc only (348593):< (847)blushing (144562)cheek fluff (2739)chest boop (1)chest fluff (23228)commission (36636)cute (135193)ear fluff (15826)ear piercing (15056)earring (12919)example (53)female (693344)fluffy (10855)freckles (18108)frown (18559)glare (7331)gray background (4437)grumpy (1941)hand (6352)human (123481)jewelry (34168)mare (302215)ocbetes (2990)offscreen character (21481)pegasus (167399)piercing (25747)poking (509)pony (632762)pouting (1544)raised eyebrow (4879)shoulder fluff (1067)simple background (272021)solo focus (10697)squishy chest (16)unamused (10082)wing fluff (1113)


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Justice Of Pone
Just where does the fluff stop and the chest begin? Is there even a chest? Is it just fluff all the way through?

Only through poking the fluffs will we learn the answers.
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Comments30 comments posted