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you want season 7?


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Me:Ohh! That Van Doesn’t look Suspicious. I’m Going to go in It.  
Goes in Van Princess Molestia: Hello, my Victim.  
Me: Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Get Me Out of He-Molestia Grabs MeAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You're going to love me.
No, goddamnit.
Every single hiatus you do this, and I’m not going to fall for it again this time.
…But maybe this is the time I can see finally that Celestia episode.
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Ah, I guess the season 4 to 7 edit caught my attention because it was removing lines so it was easier to spot. Now that you point that out I can see how the other edits were done.
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Colored Diamond.
thats kind of the point,the joke being that molly just keeps repainting her old rape van every year.
the season 4 van is an edit of the season 3 van which is an edit of the season 2 van.
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Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty certain that Jim said on Twitter that season seven was being animated in flash. I don’t know anything about the production schedule and whether or not the episodes were produced before or after the movie, and neither do you, so let’s not jump to conclusions.
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Damn, it makes me both sad and happy thinking how long I’ve been watching this show.