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safe1726960 artist:luciferamon332 starlight glimmer49195 sunset shimmer63851 trixie68101 twilight sparkle303084 alicorn228434 pony987234 unicorn332304 absurd resolution66520 bed41584 bed mane711 bedsheets922 blanket5415 cellphone3704 chips797 clothes467167 cute202892 diatrixes3167 eyes closed95586 female1381320 floppy ears53215 food71495 frown23247 glowing horn20057 grin39616 implied rainbow dash1045 levitation12303 lidded eyes31231 magic74268 mare490937 morning987 morning ponies1455 phone6437 pillow18246 plushie24324 potato chips182 prone25928 shadow4195 silhouette2561 smartphone2091 smiling254274 squee1969 telekinesis28202 tongue out106005 trixie's cape3863 trixie's hat4678 trixie's wagon1111 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124888 twilight sparkle plushie77 unamused16488 underhoof52857 voyeur471 voyeurism2216 window8700 yawn1416


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
It's nice to see that Twilight's getting over her animosity towards her old nemesis.

Shipping aside, I'd like to see something like this in the show, with Twilight actively supporting their friendship. It'd be really, really cute.
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EAW Panzerfuchs
@Lord Seraph

I literally lived two and a half years in a Mercedes Wolf. It's not very confortable, but you get used to it. :-D
When we visited the parents of a french girlfriend of mine we usally stayed in the family caravan in the garden for 3-4 weeks. Wasn't that bad. I actually liked it. :-)
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Sunset had to learn the hard way that staring at your friends during sleepovers, especially ones you aren't invited to, is the fastest way to staying uninvited. She won't let you repeat her mistake.

Also, hi Sunset :3