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Two weeks ago, I revived this dead meme due to the fact that I wasn't into the brony culture at the time of its explosion onto the internet. It was so well received that I felt like doing another one. With a lot of request, I decided to go with my number 2 waifu, the lovely and great, Trixie! I want to see so much more of her next season. She is literally the (second) cutest little horse in all of Equestria <3.

Enjoy your does of Blue Magic pone <3


Edit: Changed text color and added a ring to the last slot. Also, the hand still looks like poop but thats been changed a bit too.
safe1704834 artist:bow2yourwaifu88 trixie67435 human154535 clothes459042 crying43524 cute199549 dialogue65468 doing loving things338 ear fluff29503 eyes closed93346 female1361604 hand8728 lidded eyes30659 love5000 meme81863 open mouth145502 pet1913 petting1886 raised hoof45563 smiling247867 solo1063012 tears of joy2516 trixie's cape3795 waifu1278


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50% Luna, 50% Awkward
I can picture a scenario where Trixie and Anon have been dating for months without Trixie realizing it. She'd probably just think he was a really persistent fan.