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Help bats, Give them fruits.
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The Lord of Bats
@Background Pony #EBAC
Because technically most bats are actually fruit bats with another majority being insect eaters and a small portion being blood suckers

Essentially i think it's like this 60% Fruit, 30% Insect, and 10% Blood of the species (There is also kinds of bats that eat flower nectar.)

It makes logical sense that bat ponies in MLP would be Fruit lovers (Since that'd go better for the setting and plenty of fruits around!)

Regardless i'm tired and ranted on when i didn't need to but sometimes i see so many people go for blood suckers it makes me cry :)

tl;dr version: Fruits are very delicious! Feed a local bat some fruit today!
Background Pony #E4A4
Why do bat ponies love fruit so much; it's adorable; I nearly reach childish joy when I see some of these bat pony fruit pictures.
Background Pony #73A2
Would he object to a belly rub too?

And maybe a lewder rub if he likes it.