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explicit370297 artist:selenophile1090 princess luna102035 alicorn239198 pony1088824 anatomically correct25561 anus102905 bedroom eyes63089 blushing210051 butt94010 clitoris29256 dark genitals12188 detailed vagina461 disembodied penis8580 dock53638 female1434618 female focus6868 floppy ears56505 horsecock74112 looking back62307 male399910 moonbutt3669 mottled genitals2038 nudity391860 offscreen character37002 open mouth161679 penetration63234 penis163474 plot85776 ponut47163 praise the moon571 raised tail16725 sex129400 smiling272901 solo focus18115 spread wings59391 straight143449 tail36235 the ass was fat14510 vagina50571 vaginal42433 vulva136723 vulvar winking12729 wingboner8472 wings131194


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aka Summersong
It’s a pretty good render, but the inconsistency of detail is highly jarring. There’s about an ideal amount on the wings and an absurd number of ass-wrinkles, but her face and especially hair are flat and cartoony. She doesn’t seem to have much torso shape either, being basically shoulders and butt. Overall very surreal

Huh, I suppose that’s true to some degree… Then again, I feel most would just go straight to “WASH THAT COCK FIRST! EWWWW!” without caring about whether or not it’s an artistic decision why it looks the way it does.