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safe (1523889) artist:not-ordinary-pony (283) trixie (59795) alicorn (184220) pony (798812) alicornified (4232) begging (818) curved horn (5336) dialogue (56678) heart (41332) levitation (9866) looking at you (135198) magic (62654) open mouth (116182) race swap (12008) solo (937934) spread wings (45408) telekinesis (23241) trixie's hat (3892) trixiecorn (403)


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Background Pony #8EE1
I always liked the idea of Trixie being the Peter Parker of the pony world. I think there was a pic, Batman and iron man walking by with money falling out of their suits while Spiderman comes along, desperately picking up all the cash they dropped.