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“The trip and its luxuries are on me! There’s plenty and to spare!”  
“Okay, so success has been a tad overwhelming, but a plumper figure is nothing out of the ordinary in higher circles.”  
“Pish posh! Nothing says ‘nouveau riche and jolly’ like a widening waistline.”  
“Well! Never took you to be so APPRECIATIVE of such a massive frame.”  
“You’d be surprised how popular it is with MY people.”
suggestive151489 artist:catstuxedo253 rarity188276 spike81559 human162179 absurd resolution67720 bbw4499 belly30412 belly button83453 bikini19452 breasts296568 chubby cheeks4118 clothes488257 double chin2032 fat23149 high waisted bikini7 horned humanization6996 humanized103169 male399232 monochrome154420 obese12182 raritubby1096 sequence1130 shipping209369 sparity6991 ssbbw1800 straight143224 swimsuit30423 weight gain4558


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