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Still traveling about and stuff, currently in Canada. Canada is really pretty, and also really, really, really, cold to this California native.

I love you guys.


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Trick Question

The word "obviously" was a gross exaggeration which I regret. In the previous sentence, I’d said "seems like… to me", so I’d thought it was clear I was speaking from opinion rather than stating what I thought was a fact. (Certainly if it were "obvious" the picture would already have been tagged with grimdark.)

I did a poor job of expressing myself, for which I apologize. Please note that I wasn’t trying to argue that the image should be tagged with grimdark or semi-grimdark. I just said it felt that way to me, primarily because Twilight looks sad rather than frustrated or bored. In my headspace, if Twi had just saved Pinkie’s life, she wouldn’t look sad like this. The picture makes the most sense to me if Pinkie is dead. (This is not something I want: Pinkie equals best poni.)

Once again, my words were intended to refer only to my perception of the picture. I am sorry for voicing my opinion poorly.
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Since the Beginning

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"Am I glad she’s frozen in there and I’m out here, and that she’s the sheriff and that I’m frozen out here, and that I’m in there and I JUST REMEMBERED I’m out here. What I wanna know is WHERE’S PINKIE PIE? "
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Heh, Twilight froze another one of her friends in the past.
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Have you been through Ontario, the province I’m living in?
Because you bet yer ass it’s cold over here!
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