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Celestia been after that booty for 1000 years.
explicit393576 artist:anearbyanimal571 princess celestia101542 princess luna105777 pony1228159 anatomically correct27658 anus110362 bedroom eyes67890 blushing224707 butt143597 clitoris31854 clopfic in the comments1034 crotchboobs23978 dialogue74814 dock57645 dock licking21 dock worship16 female1519615 females only14363 incest15121 jewelry81895 lesbian104579 licking22793 looking back68220 moonbutt3987 nipples195401 nudity424413 open mouth179645 plot100289 ponut50884 princest2384 raised hoof55557 royal sisters5262 scrunchy face7583 shipping220331 smiling303372 teats8689 tiara4979 tongue out120044 underhoof58395 vaginal secretions44122 vulva148350 vulvar winking13803


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Background Pony #39D2
“Yes we are; we’re also the two closest things Equestria has to deities.~ So, even if somepony finds out, who can do anything to stop us?~”
Background Pony #58AE
Luna: but we’re s’sister!  
Celestia: i know this! but we both in heat and dont want some ramdom stallion fuck you or me! and the only way to stop the heat is the sex! thust me i know! i try everything befor! potion and magic not help! and then a mare maid fond try to please my self!…is so embarasing! but the mare come in my room close the door! i try give a excuse of but she shut my mouth! she tell me is only way! and she show by doin on me! i never feel this! this mare maid be married with a stallion but she never love him! why? her family force her to be married with him! i be shock! but she love her dauther! but is me she be in love but she know is impossible for us be togeter but she refuse to see me in pain by the heat! so everytime i get heat she do it with me! i do this with this mare! but her dauther become maid and her too be a in love with me and want help me on my heat problem! (Celestia opein a door and Luna see 20 mare unicorn maid!) you see Luna! those mare will you and i on ours heat problem! this is a royal secret! those mare do this with us but got a husben and be mother! all are in the same family line!  
Unicorn maid1: all the sex toy are ready and clear! your higness!  
Unicorn maid2: the bed of this Room are clear and ready to be use! Your higness!  
Luna: i think my royal duty call me? bye!(she try to run but Celestia close Door on her Face!)  
Celestia: Luna! i give all the oder all the guard need for the next 24 hour!  
Luna: BUT? if the force of evil will attack?  
Celestia: one of there mare you see a the gift to see future!  
Unicorn maid1: the evil Force will Attack in next month! in 1:30 Pm!  
Celestia: and she never get worng! is too bad she not get this power sooner? oh well! Lady? make Luna comfortable!  
All Maid: Yes Your Higness!  
Luna: we realily need this?  
Celestia: you want be in heat from everypony?  
Luna:…..No!…I ….HATE BE IN HEAT! IS SO EMBARACING!(she cry)  
Celestia: dont worry! the maid will help you! go easy with luna! is her first time! i will go easy on you, and more faster if you want it! trust your big sis!  
Luna:………..ok! but go easy!  
Celestia: ok LuLu!  
20 hour alter.  
Luna: wow! i..we never feel so good!  
Celestia: i know! is too bad the maid are fall to sleep! well those are not alicorn! is normal to be out of energy!….i think next i will give them a potin magic to make be full energytic for the next time!  
Luna: do think next time cadance and twilight will coming for this?  
Celestia: well Cadance Know of all this! but twilight dont! yes i will tell her! twilight is good to hide royal secret! is will be fun with cadance and twilight!  
Luna: those mare maid are all very good! we…..not feeling our heat!  
Celestia: see! and you like it?  
Luna: Ok,Ok yes we like it!….? We Hope No pony..!?  
Celestia: Luna! this Room is Sond Prove! no sond can come in or out!  
Luna: Oh? hehehehe! sorry!  
two of the maid unicorn get up.  
Unicorn maid1: we goin make the secret royal bath room ready!  
Celestia: thank!  
Unicorn maid2: do you something to eat befor start the next royal sex game?  
Celestia:…..yes get Us some Cake and some drink with it!  
Unicorn maid2: is will be done!  
Luna: again?  
Celestia: of course! plus i still feel my heat! do you want help your big sister on this?  
Luna:…..ok! but We still dont know all of those sex game! so tell us?  
Celestia: of course! and our next place to play is in the bath room!  
Celestia: is be create for My….no OUR sex game! …ready for the next round?  
Luna: Yes and this time i will make you scream like a filly like you do too us!(she make a evil smile)  
Celestia: I hope so!
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

“That’s why we invented anal sex while you were gone Luna- no vaginal, no babies! It’s perfectly acceptable and normal for siblings to do this together, and I know you’ve been pent up. I have so much to teach you. Lesson one: Hold still while I show you how to cum from a tongue in your butt.”
Later: “Dear Twilight Sparkle. Ever since I returned and sister introduced me to the ‘new normal’ of sibling relationships, she’s had the advantage every time! I cannot even get her to bottom when I have licked her anus to multiple orgasms, and not once has she allowed me to fuck her; if I get a cock in the bedroom, she always forces it to cum without being touched while she ravages my behind! Well no more! As a mare with a rather robust brother, married to the Princess of Love, I desire teachings in the art of anal sex, and I believe that you will be able to provide, that I may render Celestia unable to resist me! Please mail me back when you have cleared a date on your schedule and I shall provide a royal carriage. Your Friend, Princess Luna.”
“Spike. If this is a joke…”
Twilight lifts the letter, checking to make sure it really said what Spike read (and forgiving him his obvious boner when it was) and then notes the last bit.
“P.S. I have also mailed your brother and his wife- you should probably coordinate your visit that you may be able to demonstrate.”
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I wanna join! I’m good at licking stuff! And i have a big tongue too! ;33
I need permission to taste the royal butt! x( and Celestia looks a little by needy right now~