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Tumblr source.

"Hello everyone!

It’s that time, I’m taking commissions again. I have 5 slots available to be exact.
There are some changes that i’d like to address though. First off, my drawing style has been changing recently (for the best in my opinion) and because of this, the amount of time its taking to finish my commissions is increasing as well.

With all that being said, I’ve decidied to take only fully rendered commission requests, meaning commissions with a character, full coloring and shading, along with a background as well. I’ve made this decision because I’ve been doing commissions for awhile now and I’ve begun to notice the significant decrease in sketching commission, lineart commission and anything less than fully rendered commisison requests. Almost to the point of non existent.
Anyway, I’ve also been speaking with my peers along with many fans of mine, and I’ve also decided to raise the prices for my commissions.

$60 Fully rendered drawing/ 1 character/ background

$50 Fully rendered drawing/ 1 character/ no background

+$10 For every added full body character

Payment is made upfront after we’ve discussed the details of the commission. Payment is through Paypal.

Will do’s
- Almost anything foot fetish related
- Gay stuff

Lez stuff

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me at

For organization purposes, I will be ignoring any commisison requests that are made through any other source beside email.

P.S. Have some Sunset feets :3 I adored her outfit in Camp Everfree."
suggestive142880 artist:bronypanda209 sci-twi24253 sunset shimmer62971 twilight sparkle300218 equestria girls200267 legend of everfree8017 barefoot27537 bedroom eyes59349 everfree forest1994 feet39857 female1362127 fingers360 foot fetish7758 foot focus2672 foot massage96 glowing hands312 hand8730 lesbian96910 looking at you168454 magic73221 scitwishimmer2254 shipping200120 sitting63175 smiling248139 soles4264 sunsetsparkle4366 sweat26313 toes6309


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