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safe (1094474)artist:lumineko (2291)princess celestia (68379)twilight sparkle (205285)alicorn (97838)animated (64788)blushing (106160)colored pupils (5295)crown (5123)cute (91545)cutelestia (1867)eyes closed (41964)floppy ears (26387)flower (11045)gif (14239)hnnng (1364)hug (16119)jewelry (16880)lumineko is trying to murder us (49)lumineko's nuzzling princesses (11)non-consensual nuzzling (13)nuzzling (2443)one eye closed (9918)open mouth (61402)pony (392268)regalia (4479)rubbing (636)smiling (110604)snuggling (5423)surprised (4262):t (2403)twiabetes (4619)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (71549)weapons-grade cute (1779)


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