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Hello everyone^^
wow, I cant remember how long I’ve been working on this in the background of my other projects, it reeeaaally is some weeks old, I guess and it always was a little “thingy” I worked on besides my main projects. But damn, I’m more than happy, that I finished it and I’m totally pleased with the result^^ I like what Discord looks like and I’m glad that I got the background done that good. It was quite a lot of work, probably one of my biggest backgrounds and sceneries yet, but I really like that picture and the outcome^^
The Smooze was a lot of fun to draw, it really went easy on one side and here and there kinda complex and challenging hehe, I enjoyed it :D
As you can see, I put Screball, Bananatia and Lyra into it, as well, but only 2 of them were originally planned to appear in there hehe, I just think it’s funny^^
We just see Discord here in his position as the “Master of Chaos” in Equestria, making fun of it and letting everyone act as crazy as possible. There you go^^ Would you like to live there? :P
safe1752525 artist:lupiarts620 discord31864 lyra heartstrings30112 princess celestia96833 screwball1478 smooze631 draconequus12864 pony1012337 banana2053 chaos1214 checkerboard30 chocolate3443 chocolate rain386 cloud32144 clown celestia39 clown wig45 cotton candy673 cotton candy cloud285 digital art20192 discorded landscape247 food73095 looking at you175987 pink cloud112 ponyville6090 rain6261 tongue out108453 twilight's castle4097


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