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safe (1461730)artist:atlur (498)applejack (150666)bon bon (14869)sweetie drops (14843)earth pony (158974)pony (726992)bonafied (240)bon butt (108)bonpun (305)dr. strangelove (74)duo (40843)eyes closed (70201)falling (2303)frown (20069)grayscale (31710)hat (67315)hoof hold (6244)jewelry (41221)looking back (43353)monochrome (136815)necklace (12792)nuclear trefoil (1)open mouth (107806)plot (66711)ponies riding ponies (1950)pun (6787)rodeo (103)smiling (189028)this will end in death (1774)this will end in explosions (303)underhoof (42288)wide eyes (15031)windswept mane (2399)


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Happy Derpy!
Bronze Bit

Dr. Strangelyra: "Of course, the whole point of ’a doomsday machine’ is lost if you keep it a secret! Vhy didn’t you tell ze world, EH?!"
Ambassador Smartcookski: "It were gonna be announced at th’ Congress Party next Monday. As y’all know, the Chancellor loves surprises…"
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