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Five years ago today, image >>0 was uploaded, marking the official opening on a small image site that started off simply as a hobby and a proof of concept. And five years down the road, it has grown into one hell of an amazing community! Happy birthday, Derpibooru!

On behalf of the Derpibooru staff, I would like to thank each and every one of you for making this community what it is. Whether you’re an artist, a regular in the comments section, an uploader, or just someone who lurks silently, you help make the site what it is today.

I would also like to give a huge thanks to everyone who submitted their characters to this collab I was blown away by how many submissions this little project received – I seriously wasn’t expecting even a hundred characters total, but instead, there are nearly three times that amount in this picture.

And I would especially like to thank all the wonderful artists who offered to draw OCs for other people, for free, so that they can also be included in this celebration. That was an amazing and kind thing to do, so thank you! And I have been keeping track of everyone who offered to do so too, so if you’re one of those artists, expect a little reward within the next few days ;)

Full download:
The uploaded image has been resized, as it was too large to paste in full detail. You can download the original, non-resized version here: (55.4MB, 13500 x 9000 px – Do not download on a metered connection or older PC)

So what does the site look like after five years? Here’s some statistics that occurred over the past 24 hours:
21,219,467 CDN hits (3 TB bandwidth)
57,163 unique users
777 images uploaded
2,798 comments posted

And some statistics since the site was launched five years ago:
1.1m images
5.7m image comments
12k topics
2.7m forum posts
188k users
1 best pony

Included images (In no particular order):
>>1014740 >>1121478 >>1121482 >>1121490 >>1139376 >>1156107 >>1169933 >>1177897 >>1215110 >>1255084 >>1258132 >>1276896 >>1277357 >>1280261 >>1297643 >>1302745 >>1305101 >>1308163 >>1308182 >>1308257 >>1308273 >>1308297 >>1308324 >>1308361 >>1308402 >>1308459 >>1308591 >>1308653 >>1308735 >>1308776 >>1308787 >>1308790 >>1308836 >>1308860 >>1308940 >>1308985 >>1309008 >>1309019 >>1309072 >>1309307 >>1309360 >>1309363 >>1309420 >>1309518 >>1309531 >>1309645 >>1309776 >>1309778 >>1309856 >>1309875 >>1309929 >>1309963 >>1309975 >>1310021 >>1310061 >>1310066 >>1310065 >>1310100 >>1310138 >>1310167 >>1310170 >>1310179 >>1310186 >>1310218 >>1310237 >>1310299 >>1310329 >>1310452 >>1310453 >>1310475 >>1310589 >>1310768 >>1310910 >>1311026 >>1311245 >>1311311 >>1311418 >>1311441 >>1311494 >>1311555 >>1311632 >>1311703 >>1311895 >>1312246 >>1312268 >>1312306 >>1312408 >>1312600 >>1312815 >>1312879 >>1312993 >>1313168 >>1313257 >>1313296 >>1313414 >>1313574 >>1313600 >>1313635 >>1313824 >>1313995 >>1313996 >>1314075 >>1314175 >>1314223 >>1314420 >>1314506 >>1314509 >>1314512 >>1314566 >>1314762 >>1314771 >>1315123 >>1315309 >>1315390 >>1315430 >>1315432 >>1315480 >>1315510 >>1315566 >>1315610 >>1315629 >>1315743 >>1315809 >>1315835 >>1316570 >>1316722 >>1317020 >>1317446 >>1317450 >>1317573 >>1317640 >>1317777 >>1317780 >>1318442 >>1318573 >>1318636 >>1318832 >>1319109 >>1319495 >>1319590 >>1319605 >>1319692 >>1319714 >>1319836 >>1319845 >>1319884 >>1319907 >>1319908 >>1319926 >>1319943 >>1320079 >>1320119 >>1320181 >>1320191 >>1320351 >>1320428 >>1320468 >>1320488 >>1320530 >>1320568 >>1320597 >>1320629 >>1320688 >>1320732 >>1320908 >>1320953 >>1320959 >>1321084 >>1321102 >>1321215 >>1321315 >>1321323 >>1321716 >>1321799 >>1321926 >>1321929 >>1321931 >>1321982 >>1322005 >>1322010 >>1322141 >>1322291 >>1322318 >>1322367 >>1322426 >>1322460 >>1322489 >>1322498 >>1322611 >>1322623 >>1322769 >>1322845 >>1322988 >>1323026 >>1323073 >>1323422 >>1323437 >>1323531 >>1323585 >>1323651 >>1323691 >>1323791 >>1323990 >>1324038 >>1324203 >>1324226 >>1324264 >>1324271 >>1324413 >>1324415 >>1324461 >>1324463 >>1324490 >>1324561 >>1324617 >>1324658 >>1324681 >>1324703 >>1324709 >>1324792 >>1324824 >>1324960 >>1325017 >>1325045 >>1325361 >>1325407 >>1325431 >>1325442 >>1325445 >>1325604 >>1325640 >>1325668 >>1325696 >>1325830 >>1325878 >>1325926 >>1325965 >>1326006 >>1326007 >>1326008 >>1326039 >>1326061 >>1326076 >>1326078 >>1326079 >>1326081 >>1326085 >>1326086 >>1326116 >>1326130 >>1326188 >>1326201 >>1326210 >>1326283 >>1326316 >>1326331 >>1326489 >>1326537 >>1326580 >>1326668 >>1326743 >>1326744 >>1326745 >>1326772 >>1326842 >>1326880 >>1327289 >>1327573 >>694083 >>906658 >>951808
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