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safe1584537 screencap205929 queen chrysalis32666 starlight glimmer44538 changeling41154 changeling queen12786 to where and back again2533 animated92796 blinking3265 female1181852 floppy ears46477 frown21523 gif28240 gritted teeth10481 levitation10707 looking up14224 magic66456 prone23599 scared9416 solo focus15300 telekinesis24802 throwing481 wide eyes16084 worried3487


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Background Pony #180E
Ponies sure are durable. We actually seen them getting thrown around, crash onto objects, have things fall on them etc but they seem to just shrug it off.
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Experienced Writer
Chrylis: And now Sunset Shimmer…

SG: It's Starlight Glimmer…Geez why do ponies always get those two names mixed up?