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Winter Christmas 2016 Extra: The ending words

Its 2017, and Santa Winter finished all his deliveries! With the power of magic he has now lost all that weight and he’s ready to wrap up Winter! Although technically its still a few months away… woops, at least he looks cool!

I wanna make a super quick mention to a lot of people that didn’t made it to the gift list for different reasons (time/money basically), the next people are:

Graphene: Loving his work since a long time ago, and he’s a pretty cool dude that likes a pony that’s kind of cool sometimes, maybe. At least she’s fast~

Dullpoint: Watching this guy since his tumblr begginings I believe~ Starts small, and has gotten pretty far, we even share some group chat now and its good to see him more active!

Tails230: One of the oldest people I know since my DA days, good hearted, and likes to have fun in silly scenarios~

Nom-Sympony: Brutally honest sometimes, and has a loooooot of different tastes. But they are one of the only ones that love some of the stuff I love the most, and I love a lot of what they have done through the years.

Serena: Amazing that I somehow found a friend online that was already friends with someone I know IRL lol. pretty good stuff!

ToferTheAkita: The guy was one of the first artists I found of inflation, and even though I don’t follow them as closely they were a big reason why I got into this whole thing into the first place!

Zucca: The sweetest guy wolf you’ll ever know~ or at least that I know!

Cheers: Supports people on their own way~ Good listener. Cheers Cheers!

Blitzy: The Original Balloon Pony. Pretty good gamer and very friendly, a fun guy to have a-round~

Manatee Outlaw: HE is the boss. He is smart, cool-headed and knows how to keep things under control. tops respect to this guy.

Multiskills: Around on the community for a long time, probably one of the oldest ocs I know. Funny guy to interact with.

Mint: From Pony to pokemon to furry IDC they draw some of the best stuff and are dope.

Rockall: This guy keeps others in high spirits~ especially his partner Siggy~

Liam/TSGP: Very respectful guy that has a very kind heart. Hope we can interact more this 2017

Shiftyscales: From the shadows he comes~ And he quickly set foot into multiple communities with his nice knowledge of how to push buttons!

And probably forgetting even more people! But whoever you are, if you at some point interacted with me, I’m thankful. You all guys are what make me enjoy life. So Hope you all had a great christmas/holidays time and you have a wonderful happy new year!

Thank you very much to Circus Cinnamon from Deviantart for this gift for me, their gallery can be found here:


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