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Two long months of training and they finally decided to let me loose. They told me they noticed I was starting to become more receptive to it, and that I was now starting to listen, compared to the yelling and thrashing I used to do. I don’t know why I fought back so much, or why I wanted to get out.
It took me some time, but I started to accept what was being told to me. I was just a pet, to be trained and owned. I had only a couple weeks of obedience training ahead of me. After that, my owners would find me a Master who’d be able to take me home. I couldn’t wait to see who I’d be serving.
source needed17180 suggestive162146 artist:warskunk542 oc787098 oc only583041 oc:latch202 anthro295708 plantigrade anthro39526 all fours3526 ballgag7889 bondage38263 bondage cuffs529 bondage gear1048 boots26315 breast bondage1067 breasts319132 clothes525498 collar38417 corset4870 cuffs5221 evening gloves9308 female1517098 femsub12310 gag16456 gloves23386 high heel boots6719 kidnapped894 latex14306 latex boots774 leash8835 long gloves7062 looking up19118 mare566654 offscreen character40283 pet play4342 rope13326 rope bondage5517 shoes45348 slave2972 solo1195678 solo female197197 story included10495 submissive20253 tail wrap7253 tailcuff217 warskunk's party31


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