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safe1918760 artist:magnaluna1195 princess luna107255 oc809841 oc:zefiroth95 dragon68389 alternate hairstyle32437 blushing230936 body markings609 canon x oc29468 cheek fluff7542 chest fluff50558 claws5947 collar39761 colored pupils11623 colored wings9108 colored wingtips1913 couple6550 crown23318 curved horn8473 cute228320 ear fluff39565 embrace660 eyes closed115142 eyeshadow21144 floppy ears62296 fluffy16231 galaxy mane1298 hair bun4128 jewelry85951 licking23418 lunabetes3889 makeup29018 male441590 multicolored wings3682 neck fluff1050 necklace24812 one eye closed38435 paws5932 regalia27679 shipping224680 simple background480564 smiling315285 straight155110 tongue out123788 white background123589


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Cool Spook
So the dragon, which we didn’t know was sapient (or maybe I missed something), is now the lover of the mare who hatched him after she couldn’t hook up with the student of her sister, who is now her sister’s lover. Not going to lie, a bit of build up would have been appreciated.
Background Pony #8CEB
Is this the new Luna ship from Magnaluna? Always though this dragon thing was her son/pet or something