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Found this on an upcoming planogram. Usually they just have placeholder boxes or pics of toys from previous waves, but not always. Don’t expect to see this in stores soon, as we still have the classroom sets to come first, but might be part of the wave after that. Should be the $15 price point.


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Background Pony #5EEA
I’m afraid there’s no way to get a better pic from the planogram. Believe me, I tried. This is at 250% zoom on the "high resolution" setting, for what little that’s worth. Best I could do was separate the pages for better pic quality (the "together" pic was basically a blur of pink and yellow) and then try to splice the images back together, which didn’t exactly work out too great either.
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Background Pony #3A9E
I’m sad that my local Smyths shop has stopped doing Equestria girls mini’s and I rarely see any at Toy’s r us.
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