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Haven't drawn anything in a while, so have some Fluttershy being an assassin. Saw the Assassin's Creed movie yesterday and I don't know what these idiot critics are talking about. It was a great movie, I loved it. Fluttershy would make a perfect assassin, I don't really know why.
safe1577127 artist:squipycheetah269 fluttershy197969 pegasus240115 pony846967 assassin220 assassin's creed465 assassinshy1 clothes409658 crossover57182 cute177790 disguise3973 female900586 floppy ears46672 flutterassassin1 hidden blade32 hidden eyes460 looking back49135 mare416207 raised hoof39351 robe3129 shyabetes11470 solo974193 spread wings47890


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