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Background Pony #C0D1
There are two things the animators do right, despite the occasional wacky off-model poses and wandering joints—both sometimes necessary to make the animation possible. They always keep the ponies’ proportions within certain bounds, and they always depict their bodies as barrel-shaped. Ponies have these cute round bellies, which I really like. See >>1148650. In essence, they tend to preserve the fundamental body shape. The one in this image, in contrast, has a longish human torso with a flat stomach and human shoulders, collar bones, etc. At least the chest is round. But I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that; anthropomorphization is a thing for a reason, but I don’t think the crotchboobs and that stomach are the best combination. Just my opinion, obviously.

Regarding the added detail, it would make more sense to it them equine-like, but human is apparently much simpler to do due to it being much more familiar. Show-accurate ponies have very little detail to them; they’re just strokes and fills, shapes, and the very shapes are at odds with human anatomical details, so even the shapes have to go. There is probably some golden middle ground. This stuff is just too complicated.
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Aasha's avatar
Wallet After Summer Sale

Makes sense to me. In the show the ponies often pull off positions that would be hard to define if the body had muscular detail included. They just kinda… do whatever they want to regardless if it’s human-like or pony-like.

Once you add detail it tends to get easy to nitpick what the body is (human vs anthro vs pony) and what it can do. But logically this could easily be what the ponies in MLP look like if detail were added. I could see this body walking on all fours.

Ultimately I like the picture whether it’s anthro or pony though. It’s sexy and cute.
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Background Pony #C0D1
Well, the torso looks completely human and has everything a human torso is supposed to have. And I think it is meant to be that way. No competent artist would anthropomorphize a character to such an extent by mistake. And then there’s this >>1312652. Yeah, it’s this way definitely on purpose.
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Background Pony #FA16
I think Twilight was ok with this until they got to the star on the horn.

Also, I think this is my favorite artist for drawing crotchboobs.
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sonicfan's avatar
Twilight looks like she’s ready to deck something other than the halls. Also, I’m not really sure on the fetish, but it’s a weird one, especially when decorating your fuck buddy in Christmas lights and Christmas ornaments. We’re talking like niche of the niche of fetishes.
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Background Pony #13A8
"There’s something wrong with you if you’re dressing me up like a Christmas tree instead of f*cking me silly right now…"
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