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N0nnny’s and my (thevioletyoshi) submission to the derpibooru community collaboration! (hopefully its not to late)

Im so happy I got to do this with such a great artist and a better friend ^ 3 ^ we each drew our own OC in the pic and it turned out super cute! <3 <3 <3
safe (1462554)artist:n0nnny (518)artist:thevioletyoshi (19)oc (542230)oc:mixi creamstar (102)oc only (372022)oc:violet patronage (35)earth pony (159186)pegasus (199334)pony (727563)2017 community collab (297)derpibooru community collaboration (2070)blushing (158653)chest fluff (27113)collaboration (4193)cute (154828)ear fluff (18971)female (789290)femboy (6801)galaxy mane (855)hug (23200)looking at you (125331)male (268308)mare (353368)oc x oc (11415)one eye closed (21405)piercing (29418)pose (4149)shipping (168937)simple background (300403)tongue out (78592)transparent background (156365)viostar (7)wink (19274)

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