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Now rub her all over yourself you big dirty boy you :P
suggestive126341 artist:badumsquish1900 derpibooru exclusive23840 oc594554 oc only404562 object pony676 original species22737 pony827917 sponge pony3 ahegao21278 badumsquish strikes again116 bathtub1508 crush fetish455 dialogue58936 dripping4278 female881036 female orgasm602 floppy ears45971 freckles24800 hand7663 heart42506 holding a pony2504 implied vaginal secretions63 in goliath's palm219 offscreen character28778 open mouth120574 orgasm10020 ponified37810 pov14641 puns in the comments99 shoulder freckles889 sponge223 squeezing396 squirting2227 tongue out88687 wat18501 water11067 wet6904


not provided yet


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It does. It's not going to happen so quickly, nor will it happen at all until she dies of old age. A normal sponge just gets steadily grodier and grodier until you can't take it anymore and toss it :P
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