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An animation I made for the holidays. Includes the Seafood family and all the ocs that wanted to participate in the animation. This has been a wonderful year, and I expect greater things next year. Merry Christmas to all and have a happy New Year!
safe (1355422)artist:seafooddinner (71)oc (491825)oc:attraction (246)oc:avi (24)oc:broken dawn (7)oc:bryce hoodie (27)oc:debra rose (93)oc:eclipse penumbra (148)oc:firetorch (10)oc:icy winds (6)oc:kenos (32)oc:lavanda (88)oc:mystic blare (33)oc only (348584)oc:pon (62)oc:ponepony (275)oc:seafood breakfast (5)oc:seafood brunch (2)oc:seafood dessert (1)oc:seafood dinner (117)oc:seafood entree (5)oc:seafood fettuccine (2)oc:seafood lunch (1)oc:seafood meal (1)oc:seafood soup (1)oc:shayna (11)pony town (2746)animated (80665)attypone (25)christmas (9150)gif (21859)pixel art (7623)simple background (272006)

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