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Wallpaper Version of a pic

Comission made by:
Lineart: art-2u
Color: shinta-girl
suggestive132571 artist:art-2u400 artist:shinta-girl1035 adagio dazzle12226 aria blaze9299 sonata dusk12884 human146463 equestria girls187474 belly button71148 big breasts73726 bimbo4235 boots19786 bracelet8388 breasts254069 busty adagio dazzle1473 busty aria blaze1036 busty dazzlings95 busty sonata dusk1593 cleavage32230 clothes425730 collar30200 commission58529 corset4019 curvy6109 dazzlings30 female1285620 fingerless gloves4179 gloves18218 high heel boots4995 high heels10035 hourglass figure1364 huge breasts34445 jacket11361 jewelry55242 latex boots503 midriff18508 miniskirt4835 pigtails4421 pleated skirt3997 ponytail16442 side slit1278 skirt37007 skirt lift4560 socks59618 the dazzlings4125 thigh highs30488 tongue out94950 tube top528 twintails1565 wallpaper18101 wide hips14536 zettai ryouiki1773


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Background Pony #270C
The Dazzlings have achieved their final, perfect forms!! Aria looks especially hot in her tubetop and pleated miniskirt.