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Wallpaper Version of a pic

Comission made by:
Lineart: art-2u
Color: shinta-girl

suggestive (115604)artist:art-2u (327)artist:shinta-girl (998)adagio dazzle (11148)aria blaze (8642)sonata dusk (11945)human (132436)equestria girls (162413)belly button (60499)big breasts (57912)bimbo (3487)boots (16334)bracelet (6824)breasts (209163)busty adagio dazzle (1207)busty aria blaze (882)busty sonata dusk (1313)cleavage (27752)clothes (362550)collar (25015)commission (41641)corset (3490)curvy (5186)female (777113)fingerless gloves (3380)gloves (14631)high heel boots (4486)high heels (8254)hourglass figure (1116)huge breasts (26532)jacket (9056)jewelry (40359)latex boots (348)midriff (16470)miniskirt (4017)pigtails (3271)pleated skirt (3494)ponytail (13483)side slit (1068)skirt (32008)skirt lift (4251)socks (49968)the dazzlings (3788)thigh highs (24073)tongue out (77262)tube top (442)twintails (1137)wallpaper (16735)wide hips (12011)zettai ryouiki (1574)


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1 comment posted
Background Pony #C8A
The Dazzlings have achieved their final, perfect forms!! Aria looks especially hot in her tubetop and pleated miniskirt.
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