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I'm sure Angel is fine
safe1660098 artist:evehly839 angel bunny9667 fluttershy207661 bat pony47368 pony924232 abuse7203 angelbuse85 animal abuse121 animal prey86 behaving like a cat2093 chest fluff36617 chibi13903 cute192795 ear fluff27241 eaten alive342 eating9287 female1322936 fetish38211 flailing451 fluffy13776 flutterbat6747 flutterpred614 grimcute365 looking up15711 predation329 race swap13833 red eyes5812 shyabates306 shyabetes13091 sitting60413 slit eyes4357 solo1034242 spread wings52112 sweet dreams fuel1173 vore13958


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Background Pony #E55D
I still like how "angel bunny deserves it" was added and removed a few times.

Since Angel Bunny is still alive and in one piece, it could be that they're just playing.
Background Pony #AED8
Well, given that Fluttershy has hooves instead of fingers, this is the only way she can make sure her teeth are all flossed.

Angel only agreed to the arrangement because of the insane amount of blackmail material she has against him.

With that out of the way, I'm surprised that I haven't seen anything like an "Angel Bunny deserves it" tag.