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Jessy drew me this request way back, and I’ve since learned simple coloring so, tis the season
I pray they don’t mind
safe (1446550)artist:jessy (689)color edit (6274)edit (101525)cloudy quartz (1081)pinkie pie (190963)earth pony (154343)pony (714262)christmas (9318)colored (15475)cookie (2941)dialogue (51514)duo (40095)female (776012)filly (51592)filly pinkie pie (270)floppy ears (41897)food (52352)frown (19852)glasses (47761)impossible (31)mare (345232)shivering (1771)simple background (295622)speech bubble (17042)sweat (20269)table (7172)unfair (7)white background (73624)younger (14039)


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Nothing, he was based off the bishop Saint Nicholas who would supposedly throw bags of gold down poor peoples chimneys, but Santa himself has nothing to do with Christianity except for his connection with Christmas. He was probably created so that secularists could have there children celebrate Christmas to in a way that didn’t revolve around the religious aspect, although some people have a more crazy theory. Some more radical Christians(the kind that normal Christians stay away from) believe that santa was created as a way to turn people away from jesus, even citing the fact that Santa technically is an anagram for Satan, but that’s most likely coincidental…or is it creepy smile
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