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safe (1462938)artist:vindhov (265)applejack (150794)fluttershy (187741)pinkie pie (192586)rainbow dash (207519)rarity (160699)starlight glimmer (39399)twilight sparkle (266098)oc (542472)oc:bumblebee (17)oc:crabapple (12)oc:curtain call (44)oc:haywire (25)oc:honeycrisp (123)oc:hurricane (43)oc:love letter (33)oc:marigold twinkle (19)oc:perfectly peachy pie (10)oc:perry pebble pie (1)oc:petit choux (16)oc:red velvet (105)oc:scarlet heart (29)oc:silver lining (vindhov) (17)oc:snap apple (20)oc:sulphur pie (15)oc:sweet tooth (41)alicorn (171076)diamond dog (3080)earth pony (159299)hybrid (12557)pegasus (199447)pony (727805)unicorn (217286)yakony (67)adopted offspring (896)barn (2412)beard (2764)bow (20273)braid (4131)clothes (367573)diamond dog oc (215)facial hair (4096)female (789546)filly (52673)foal (12760)hair bow (10892)hair bun (2373)half-siblings (542)hat (67436)hearth's warming (604)interspecies offspring (5472)magical lesbian spawn (8715)male (268399)mane six (27210)mare (353520)offspring (29602)parent:apple bloom (560)parent:applejack (2845)parent:big macintosh (2202)parent:carrot crunch (14)parent:cheerilee (318)parent:discord (2459)parent:donut joe (140)parent:fluttershy (3473)parent:maud pie (342)parent:pipsqueak (211)parent:ponet (32)parent:prince rutherford (57)parent:rainbow dash (4439)parent:rarity (3113)parents:cheerimac (236)parent:scootaloo (676)parents:crunchbloom (6)parents:discodash (35)parent:soarin' (1962)parents:ponetshy (28)parents:rarijoe (52)parents:scootasqueak (11)parents:soarinjack (128)parents:trouble pie (40)parents:twiburst (169)parents:twiford (22)parent:sunburst (729)parent:sweetie belle (484)parents:windash (22)parent:twilight sparkle (6435)parent:twist (116)parent:wind rider (20)party (1585)puppy (510)santa hat (4755)scarf (18702)snip (coat marking) (30)stallion (77256)sweater (11869)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105428)


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