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Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #25: Meadow Dawn

Today is a very special day, as today is the birthday of my dear old friend Meadow Dawn, so today’s gift has a multipurpose!

Dawn here is another person that has been part of my life for around 9 years. In between the years there’s been big moments of silence due to how our lifes have gone. But even with that we always come into contact again and its always a pleasure to have her around to support me and just have fun with. A lover of fantasy, a loyal friend and over everything, someone who does everything they can to stay true to themselves, even with a lot of opposition. Dawn has gone through some of the biggest hardships that I know of, and has found ways to get through the dark times into lighter ones. She may not be perfect, but nobody is, and she deserves a great christmas. Have a great month and Happy Birthday dear friend! Hope you live a long life (you better!).

Picture done by Circus-Cinnamon from Deviantart, their page can be found here :


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