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Winter Christmas 2016 Gift #24: Icy

Its night over here, what better time to post a cool looking night pony? tonight’s gift goes to my friend Icy!

Honesty is important, and Icy here is someone who is all about that. Another person I’ve met in the last few months that left quite the impression on me~ Lots of stuff on his life happens that try to keep him down (And sometimes he does get down), but the important thing is that he keeps going regardless~ He wants to get along with people and in my honest opinion, he does a good job on that! What he lacks in words he makes up by listening. He listens closely to whatever you say, even if you think its small, and that is something I admire, I know that If I need someone to listen, I can go to him~ (not saying I can’t go to other friends!). And tbh, his OC is pretty darn cool looking. SO there’s that too. I’m just rambling at this point, MERRY CHRISTMAS ICY.

Oh, and like Flamespitter this design is old, this was done before he redesigned his OC. Woops.

Picture done by Circus-Cinnamon, their gallery can be found here:


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